Master Meme Blog List For Community Network Meme

Master Meme Blog List
Please add the blog(s) and link in the comment section below and I will add them to the list.

You can also find a text list with a running tab of all participants at Mitch’s blog.

2. Over A Cup Of Coffee
3. Scent Of My Heart
Femininity iMagazine
6. The Liminal State
Connoisseur of the Feminine Physique
8. Fraudulent Mind
9. Iron Cook: American
10. Humanity vs. The Apocalypse
11. A Rose Is A Rose
12. Morpho Designs
13. That Chick Person
14. Finding The Humor
15. Just Kissie
16. My World Is Getting Smaller Every Day
17. What’s Up With That?!?
18. The Past To The Present
19. Coffeeboi Streetwalker
20. Chatterbox Dude
21. Hypertransitory
22. FreshLittleHands Blog

On Saturday November 27th, a blogger from a site called Sunday Stealing found out about our meme and was not aware of the December 12th post date. So the meme has been started early. I would like for you to include the sites listed below in the sites you visit on December 12th. Just remember to look for their November 27th or 28th post instead of December 12th when you visit them. Thank you. They are calling it the Baker’s Meme.

1. Lady Grinning Soul
2. Ellas Devil
3. Princess Wannabe
4. nina
5. Bud Weiser
6. aneerietapestry
7. Harriet
8. Sangita
9. Jennyholic
10. Marites, Pinaylighterside
11. Hazel
12. Trish @ Thoughts Online
13. Misc. Ramblings
14. The Gal Herself
15. A Housewife Little Abode
16. Reymos
18. Bag of Thoughts
19. zoan
20. Chie Wilks
21. Sanctuary of my Emotions
22. ai Ne
23. medhini
25. Chris
26. Marie
27. Mig
28. In the Company of Me
29. Kamikazee Girl
30. Shaz- sexy
DJ Kathy A
32. Candy @soulistic. org
33. Mary Anne’s Musings
34. The Peregrinator
35. Kwizgiver
36. Hearts Make Families
37. Postcards Crossing
38. Rebecca
39. akawest
40. Shy’s Mixed thoughts
41. Paula
42. Jaquandor
43. Jigs Blogged Life
44. Sexy
45. Kimmy
46. Captured Memories
47. Christine
48. Cat. (finally up)
49. mair
50. jenie=)
51. I. Shall. Blog. About. It
52. jared’s mum




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